Factors for choosing a hotel

Choosing a hotel can be a tricky deal. Especially, when you are planning a holiday with your loved ones. You may like to consider the following points while deciding on that perfect hotel

Depending upon your idea of holiday, you may select a hotel that is located in the center of the destination (to be among all the fun & frolic) or at a little distance (for relaxation & a quieter stay). If staying away from the town, a hotel shuttle service or having a private car may make the stay more convenient.
WE RECOMMEND: Opt for a hotel or resort that is at walkable distance from the center of town.

On one hand, you may like to stick to your budget and on the other, you may consider stretching it a bit to get better experience. It is always recommended to opt for a good hotel / resort, which can make that little difference to your overall holiday experience and memories.
WE RECOMMEND: Friendly staff, good rooms, nice ambiance and delicious meals can make a big difference to your holiday experience. Spend a little more (though not much) if you have to, to upgrade your hotel.

Check the reviews of the hotel before booking. If you have a known person having visited the hotel before, take his feedback. In addition, there are many websites that offer reviews. Also, you may consult your tour operator to get feedback based on experience of his earlier bookings.
WE RECOMMEND: Reviews taken from colleagues and your reliable tour operator are generally more authentic as they understand your taste better.

A hotel should be chosen depending upon your requirement or occasion of holiday. A riverside resort for romantic outing, a business hotel near the airport for business traveler, 4 to 5 star hotel for celebration or groups and a little boutique lodge for a nature lover
WE RECOMMEND: Understand why you are travelling and prioritize your requirement.

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