Tea Estates

Kausani | Uttarakhand

LOCATIONIn & around Kausani
ABOUTKasauni Tea Estates / Factories are world renowned tea plantations located close to Kasauni town. This is the most important industry in Kasauni and the tea farms are spread over more than 208 hectares in 21 divisions. It is from these plantations that the most delicious tea known as Girias Uttaranchal tea is produced. This tea has been favorite among people not only in India but in several overseas countries including USA, Korea and UK.
ENJOYThe scenic view of the green tea plantations is amazing experience for the visitors. Once may also observe the tea manufacturing process with the help of an experienced guide. Tourists can pick the best quality tea right from the factory.
TIMINGOffice hours of tea factory
REMARKSDo not enter tea farms without local guide.
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