Rudrahari Temple

Kausani | Uttarakhand

LOCATION8 km from Kausani town
ABOUTRudrahari Mahadev Temple is an ancient cave temple that is located along the banks of River Kosi. the temple is believed to have been constructed at the place where an ancient Indian mystic named Rishi Kaushik meditated for a long period. Rudradhari Falls and Caves in Kasauni are located at a place with terraced fields, lush green paddy fields and dense green pine forests.
ENJOYThese magnificent temple and waterfalls can be viewed while trekking to Adi Kailash region in the hill station of Kasauni. The Rudhadhari falls is a natural attraction here and many ancient caves are explored nearby areas. The falls impinging the valley flows from their as rivers and small springs.
TIMINGSunrise to sunset
REMARKSReaching the location may require treks and it is suggested to return before sunset
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