Jageshwar Temples

Location: Almora in Uttarakhand

LOCATION35 km from Almora
ABOUTArguably counted among the 12 Jyotirlingas in the country, Jageshwar lies in a beautiful narrow valley hedged by monarch-sized, ancient deodars. Of the over 100 small and large shrines of this complex, the three outstanding ones, in terms of sculpture, are dedicated of Jageshwar, Mrityunjaya and Pushtidevi. Jageshwar temple has sculpted dwarpals standing guard at its entrance . Although the presiding deity at Jageshwar is Lord Shiva, a strong Buddhist influence is visible in the carvings.
YOU MAY LIKEPerform the rituals at the temples
TIMING0600 hrs – 1700 hrs
REMARKSA small lodge is available near the temples

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