Banjhakri Waterfalls

Gangtok | Sikkim

LOCATION7 km from Gangtok
ABOUTBanjhakri is a natural waterfall sourced by springs at high elevation. As per the Jhakri mythology, the Jhakris (Jungle Priest) mastered the power to control and drive away evil spirits. They identified and trained younger boys for the same. Though the boys always protected human beings, their wives turned into evil spirits to hurt the human race.
ENJOYThe water cascading 100 mts down among the forests and landscaped parks is a wonderful sight. Banjhakri Waterfall is a very famous picnic spot around Gangtok. Families and friends enjoy walking around the park and forest area for a refreshing experience. The gazebos and park also highlights the Sikkimese architecture.
TIMING0800 hrs – 1800 hrs
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