Tibetan Refugee Self Help Center

West Bengal (North Eastern Himalayas)

LOCATIONPandam Tea Garden, Darjeeling
ABOUTThe followers of the Dalai Lama escaped from Tibet to settle here. They adopted the principle of self help to become self dependent and live gracefully.Initially, the refugees started raising funds through subscriptions, charity shows and exhibition soccer matches. Later they received funds from domestic and international voluntary organisations too. Today at this center (which was set up in 1959), you can see Tibetan men and women making exquisite handcrafted items. They also have a training centre to impart skills.
ENJOYYou may observe and buy handicrafts like woolen shawls & carpets, carved wooden crafts, leather jackets, coats and lots of other items. A walk around the place provides a great insight into their culture and lives.
TIMING0900 hrs – 1630 hrs (Closed on Sunday, Local Festival & Govt holidays)
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