Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park

West Bengal (North Eastern Himalayas)

LOCATIONJawahar Parvat – Darjeeling
ABOUTThe Zoo was established in 1958 and later dedicated to Padmaja Naidu – the daughter of Sarojini Naidu (a national leader and a poet). The zoo spans over 67 acres and houses a variety of Himalayan species including some of the endangered ones. In 2014, this zoo received the prestigious international award “The Earth Heroes” for conserving Himalayan animals and plantations and breeding animals.
ENJOYObserve the unique variety of flora and fauna at the zoological park. There are more than 200 species of plants and around 60 species of orchids. In addition there is a wide variety of birds (Rose Ring Parakeets, Hill Mynas, Ring Necked Pheasants, Blue Gold Macaw etc) and animals (Black Bear, Yak, Barking Deer, Blue Sheep, Musk Deer etc) that are not found easily at other parks.
TIMING0830 hrs – 1630 hrs (1600 hrs in winter)
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