Japanese Temple And Peace Pagoda

West Bengal (North Eastern Himalayas)

LOCATIONJalapahar Hill – 10 minutes drive from Darjeeling
ABOUTAlso known as Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple, this two storied white building was built in a traditional Japanese style in the year 1972. Close to the temple is the Peace Pagoda that showcases four avatars of Lord Buddha. The temple can be reached by 4-5 minutes walk from the parking area.
ENJOYThe Japanese Temple is adorned by the picture of Fujii Guruji who was the founder of ‘Nipponzan Myohoji’ – a Buddhist order for world peace. Witness and participate at the prayer in the Japanese Temple.Peace Pagoda is an embodiment of Lord Buddha that radiates peace and non violence and purifies the lands. The structure has two lions on the sides and gold colored large statues of avatars of Lord Buddha. Take a walk (‘Parikrama’) around the pagoda at the pinnacle. You will see beautiful artwork etched on sand stones that look like wooden framework depicting the life of Buddha and his relics
TIMING0430 hrs – 1900 hrs – Daily
PRAYER – 0430 hrs – 0600 hrs & 1630 hrs – 1830 hrs
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