Jahangir Mahal

Station: Orchha (Madhya Pradesh)

Orchha Jehangir Mahal

Bir Singh Dev had helped Jahangir during his revolt against Akbar and was later declared as Maharaja of Orchha by Jahangir. This palace was then built by Raja Bir Singh Deo in between years 1605 to 1626, in honour of Mughal emperor Jahangir. Just to thank Emperor Jahangir, Raja Bir Singh Deo invited him to stay at the royal palace. You would be surprised to know that Jahangir consequently stayed for only 1 night at this grand palace.

The entrance of the palace is noticeable by traditional and artistic gateway. The front wall of the palace is covered with turquoise tiles and faces to the east. The magnificent palace graced with finest piece of Indo-Islamic architecture during Bundela Dynasty. Elements like marvelous sculptures, hanging balconies, delicate trellis and chhatris, topped domes, etc., represent an excellent architectural brilliance.

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