Gwalior Fort

Station: Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh)

Gwalior Fort

Perched on the hilltop in the middle of the Gwalior town, Gwalior Fort is a dominant structure that can be seen from everywhere in the town. Though there is no definite date of when the fort was constructed, the local legend states that the fort was built by Suraj Sen in 3 CE. The magnificent fort has a long and interesting history and has been controlled by a number of kings – from Hunas to Chandelas to Delhi Sultanate to Tomars to Mughals to Marathas till the Scindias…

The Gwalior Fort is a complete city housing 3 Temples, 1 Gurudwara, 1 Sikh Memorial, 1 School and 6 Exotic Palaces. If not the sheer size of the fort is enough, the stone carvings and painting work will mesmerise you for sure.

Probably Mughal Ruler Babar was right when he said that Gwalior Fort was “a pearl in the necklace of the forts of Hind”.

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