Gopachal Hill

Station: Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh)

Gwalior Gopachal Parvat
This is the famous hill on which the Gwalior Fort is situated. But Gwalior Fort is not the only attraction that the hill has. It also houses unique group of ancient Jain idols. These statues on the hill are believed to have been built in 15-16 century AD by Tomar dynasty. There are 26 caves on the front side of this hill. In one of the caves is the 47 feet high and 30 feet broad statue of Lord Parshvanath in Padmasana posture. The tallest statue is 58 feet and 4 inches idol of Lord Rishabhanath. A 35 feet tall statue of Suparshvanatha in Padmasana posture is another important attraction.

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